Property maintenance
without the hassle

Our software takes the work out of connecting with contractors and tenants so you can accomplish more.

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A contractors van
Another group of buildings getting notifications about maintenance

We know organising contractors can be a pain

Coordinating everyone when booking maintenance appointments and chasing reports for lots of properties can be a real headache. Juggling landlords, tenants and contractors whilst keeping a detailed audit trail is tricky. You probably use big, complex software too, right? We feel your pain.

Estate Agent at a desk looking stressed

That's why we made Sorbet

Imagine an assistant who could keep track of all your communications... Automatically book contractors when reports and inspections are due, or deal with tenant maintenance requests without you having to do a thing. That's what Sorbet is—a refreshingly helpful assistant.

Contractor receiving notification on his phone and looking happy

A refreshingly new approach

Sorbet transforms the way agents schedule appointments, reports and maintenance. Say goodbye to endless phone calls, emails, messages and paperwork and hello to an automated system that books appointments, chases reports and handles property maintenance requests… all audited and in one place.

Washing machine going haywire and bubbles and water everywhere
A tenant being notified of a contractor coming to fix his washing machine, looking happy
Water rushing out of washing machine and down a drain

Ready to change the way you deal with maintenance and reports?

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